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SOLUTIONS ENERGIES always has the point of the innovation!

Solution-energies and Sud-Concept receiving a price for the innovation wind solar pumping system.

According to the cases and the type of climate, Solutions Energies proposes installations to you of hybrid pumping. “Generally when the climate is shines upon it is calm and when the climate is cloudy, it is windy, of or favors it hybrid installations Solutions Energies to maintain volumes more important of water some is the season.”

With the wind solar pumping system proposed by Solutions Energies, your pumps will to function as well during the day as the night.

Solutions Energies has the honor! Frédéric Bérud, one of the persons in charge of Solutions Energies and Sud-Concept, explain us: “We have a strong demand for the installation of wind mill.

Solutions Energies, installed in Vedène, close to Avignon in France, is the specialist in these systems of accumulation of energies. “This system of accumulation of energies is really interesting in our area. With the Mistral, because it is the wind which makes function the machine. It is not as solar energies at night the wind also function”.

With the wind kits proposed by Solutions Energies, you summers your own supplier of electricity.

Your invoice will be reduced has each time the wind blows. It is the dream of many owners and tenants.

The kit Solutions Energies can deliver to you up to 3.2 kw per hour to 12 m/s. What will not only make it possible to reduce your invoice to see to remove it but in more creating you considerable incomes in the event of possibilities of resale your surplus of electricity.